Teach me how to stop the world

by The Re∆ction

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We all stand in front of two doors: one leads to a life of banality, selfishness and apathy; the other to a universe of unity, fulfillness and free of boundaries and limits. On a given moment, we all have to chose which door to cross through.

The ReAction releases "Teach Me How To Stop The World", a new track following the band's 2011 album "Be(lie)ve in R(evol)ution" (Online Edition available for download at thereactionmusic.bandcamp.com). The major inspiration behind this track is the inner journey a person must make to seek the true meaning of life and freedom. There's an internal struggle you must live everyday coping with everything that's wrong around you, and its easy to become that which you despise the most. If you seek within yourself you can find the essence of everything, and then "become the change you want to see in the world".
We invite you to listen to the new sounds of The ReAction...

Todos estamos de pie delante de dos puertas: una lleva a una vida de la banalidad, egoísmo y apatía, la otra a un universo de unidad, satisfacción y libre de fronteras y límites. En un momento dado, todos tenemos que elegir cuál de las puertas atravesar.

The ReAction lanza "Teach Me How To Stop The World", un nuevo tema tras su album "Be(lie)ve in R(evol)tion" del 2011 (Online Edition disponible para su descarga en thereactionmusic.bandcamp.com). La inspiración principal detrás de esta canción es el viaje interior que una persona debe hacer para buscar el verdadero significado de la vida y la libertad. Hay una lucha interna que debemos vivir todos los días para hacer frente a todo lo malo que pasa a nuestro alrededor, y es fácil convertirse en lo que mas despreciamos. Si buscas dentro de ti mismo puedes encontrar la esencia de todo, y luego "convertirte en el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo".

Te invitamos a escuchar los nuevos sonidos de The ReAction...



Ignorance, progress, greed
We march along to the sound of apathy
Misery (a world distressed by)
Conformity (a lesson we never learn)
A selfish mass shows no trace of sympathy

We are the flames burning till`the edge of the world,
Living life like it never has before.
Increased control, finding truth behind the lies.
Embrace infinity and let your energy align.

Untie a storm within yourself
Release control of your convictions
Find a new relation with the world
Release yourself (x4)
Release (x8)

Destroying / the concept
What’s real is what you make of it
No trust in / your reason

Another / dimensions
Believe and let them manifest
Go through / the portals

Now you cross through the far end of your mind, you’ve left all judgement behind
Leave all your fears, embrace infinity, and feel your energy aligned

Dreaming of a desert sun, the newborn spirit learns to fly
Real emotions from the past, no longer tie this suffering life

Untie a storm within yourself
Release control of your convictions
Find a new relation with the world
Release yourself (x4)
Release (x8)


released March 25, 2012



all rights reserved


The Re∆ction Región Metropolitana, Chile

The Reaction begins as a band on the year 2010 with the end of several personal and musical phases of its members. But as a concept, The Reaction began long before, growing within all of them as an expression that needed a means to come out to the light, a concept that integrates a view of the world, a perspective of how to understand music and a way to face a new world stage for bands. ... more

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