Enter The Fourth Dimension

by The Re∆ction

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Check out The ReAction's new song "Enter The Fourth Dimension", the latest work following the album "Be(lie)ve in R(evol)ution" (2011), on which the band explores a new world of sounds and shares its view on the awareness of a fourth dimension as an expansion of our conciousness.

"When asked to give a simple definition of the fourth dimension, Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung answered both with a single word: "idea"."
"The fourth dimension is the realm of ideas, the world of the imagination"
"Physical awareness is three-dimensional, soul awareness is of the fourth dimension. Three-dimensional awareness deals with time, space and matter. These qualities create the experiences of separation, death and mass. Fourth dimensional awareness, on the other hand, has the basic qualities of timelessness, spacelessness and energy. These qualities create the experiences of unity, being and flow."
"The emotion of fear and a fixation on external circumstance are symptoms of attachment to the 3-D world. Love is an expression of the fourth, a shared awareness with all energy forms of our essential unity."

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released February 29, 2012



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The Re∆ction Región Metropolitana, Chile

The Reaction begins as a band on the year 2010 with the end of several personal and musical phases of its members. But as a concept, The Reaction began long before, growing within all of them as an expression that needed a means to come out to the light, a concept that integrates a view of the world, a perspective of how to understand music and a way to face a new world stage for bands. ... more

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